Jean-Charles Vautrin invites you to discover some of his most prestigious creations.

He is a specialist in the renovation of antique floors and artefacts, his work ranging from simple dovecotes to parquetry in grand state rooms.

J.C. Vautrin and his associates create doors, windows, panelling and, above all, parquet flooring, whether using strips or wider planks, which are identical copies of originals.

Wood and a job well done are his passions; he has four generations of joiners behind him, and his projects have included:

villas in Champagne and Paris, a Paris art gallery, country houses in the United Kingdom, town houses in London, apartments in New York, the Parliament building in Northern Ireland, the Presidential Palace in Turkmenistan, and many more.

Jean-Charles Vautrin can fulfil all your requirements for craftsmanship in wood, to a high quality and at a competitive price.




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