Parquet floors


Parquet floors can be made in various ways, using strips or planks:

old timber (exclusively oak) from beams recovered from demolished buildings, old floorboards, etc. Any worm-eaten outer layers are removed so that all that remains on the surface of the subfloor is the odd traces of an old groove or a hole previously used for fixing.

new wood, with a choice between rustic and high grade, and a number of types of wood (oak, ash, elm, pear, walnut, etc.)

Marquetry panels have a 7mm wear layer and are glued on Finnish birch with a beechwood subfloor.

For parquet floors using planks we can supply unfinished or pre-finished parquet (both ready to lay) or lay the parquet ourselves, the finishing being done on the spot.



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Examples :

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Parquet Versailles
Parquet Montalembert
Parquet Chaumont
Parquet Chantilly Parquet Boulot  



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